Ángel Anocíbar

Technical Manager on Abadía Retuerta

Born in Puente la Reina (Navarra, Spain) in 1967, Ángel Anocíbar became familiar very early with all kinds of jobs related to the production and the origin of wine. He combined works in the winery and in the vineyards with studies at the School of Enology of Madrid. In addition, he remains the first and only Spanish PhD in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux, where he attended during the 80s.

There are many opportunities in life for which the key is being in the right place and at the right time. For Ángel Anocíbar, this place was the Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux. There, the renowned winemaker Pascal Delbeck, entruste with the Technique Management at Abadía Retuerta in Valladolid, was looking for a Spanish winemaker willing to join the project. In 1996, both formed a perfect tandem.

22 years later, Ángel is still the Technical Director of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine and the person in charge of 185 hectares of vineyards, around 2,000 barrels as well as the R & D department and quality control. Today, he is well known for his work and studies in the fields of oenology, with more than 20 publications scientific research.

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