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Expert opinions

The work of Grandes Pagos de España is recognized by professionals in the wine world, gastronomy, hospitality, wine tourism and press around the world. Here are some opinions of what experts say about us.

Heidi Jaksland Kvermo

Norway| Wine journalist, Appetite Food & Wine, Vinforum|

''I was fortunate to visit a handfull of Grandes Pagos members in 2017. In my opinion, the producers in the Grandes Pagos are among the finest producers in Spain and deliver top quality wines on [...]

Jessica Senning

Norway| General Manager & Head Sommelier in Mangelsgården|

''What struck me quite early on in the trip was Grandes Pagos interest in and comitment to constant improvement. [...] That such an organisation as Grandes Pagos is still hungry and eager for self-improvement is [...]

Amanda Barnes

UK / Chile| Award-winning wine and travel writer|

''I was really impressed with the wines of the Grandes Pagos and the great breadth and variety of producers we tasted and visited. Each producer had a very clear identity and the wines were distinctive [...]

Rod Phillips

Canada| Wine author and writer|

''My visits to producers of the Grandes Pagos have always shown me the care they take in their vineyards and in the making of their wines. These fine wines are consistently of high quality and [...]

Adam Lechmere

United Kingdom| Wine columnist for Food & Travel, writer for Decanter, World of Fine Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Harpers and Meinigers|

''GPE's unique selling proposition is simple: it exists to celebrate terroir and the primacy of site. It's both an ancient and a very modern idea, and one that any righteous winemaker regards as key to [...]

Manuel Romero

Spain| Wine tourism expert. CEO in DINAMIZA|

"The wine’s landscape of the soul of the in every bottle. The wineries of Grandes Pagos de España have unique vineyards, located in areas of great natural value. An encounter that’s really worthwile experiencing with [...]

Regan Hofmann

USA| Journalist in New York Press, Now We Feast and Dispology|

''Spain’s wine culture is unparalleled in variety, depth, and character, and Grandes Pagos de Espana highlights the very best of the best. I’ve never tasted a GPE wine I didn’t love; each is a carefully [...]

Tony Aspler

Canada| Columnist for The Toronto Star. Author of 16 books about wine|

''I look back on my tour of several of the Grandes Pagos wineries with great fondness. It was beautifully organised and surprisingly relaxing given the number of wineries we visited and the geography covered. Our [...]

Peer F. Holm

Germany| President of the German Sommeliers-Union|

''Being involved in the wine market of Spain since some 20 years, I could follow the creation and development of GPE from the beginning. My personal and honest impression is, that finally GPE is getting [...]

David Forer

USA / United Kingdom / Spain| Master of Wine|

''All the great wine regions of the world recognize excellence of terroir and specific vineyards. By showcasing the greatest pagos of Spain, the Grandes Pagos de España is showing the world the potential and excellence [...]

Hans Kristiansen

Norway| Editor in chief of Hotell, Restaurant og Reiseliv (HRR) (Hotel, Restaurant and Travel)|

''The Spanish wine industry in general is developing and coming up with many interesting wines, which appeals to todays consumers. Grandes Pagos de España is in the forefront, with high quality producers, representing the top [...]

Sarah Jane Evans

United Kingdom| Award-winning journalist and wine writer|

''Spain’s great promise lies in its diversity – in soils, microclimates, varieties – not forgetting the vivid personalities who drive the differences between their wines. The Levante has all of these, plus quality and great [...]

Fred Swan

USA| Instructor at San Francisco Wine School. Sud-France Wine Master and Certified Sherry Wine Specialist|

''Grandes Pagos is one of the world’s most unique and important wine quality designations. Unlike most wine quality designations, Grandes Pagos is not regionally based. The wineries are united not by territory or grape varieties, [...]

Ann Samuelsen

Norway| Journalist Trade Magazine Aperitif|

''Grandes Pagos de España represent excellent quality wines with strong personality that reflects their own unique growing places. One of the groups strengths is their focus on collaboration concerning communication, brand building and not least [...]

Leslie Williams

Irland| Wine writer in the Irish Examiner|

''The standard of wines and the attitude of all the winemakers we met was much better than I could have hoped for. This alone gives me faith in the GPE scheme – if it includes [...]

John Lenart

USA| Wine writer and host of The Honest Pour|

''The wines of Grandes Pagos de  España represent the highest quality from virtually all growing areas across Spain. The makers of these wines refuse to be bound by tradition, often employing revolutionary viticulture and vinification [...]

Georgina Estrada

Mexico| Master Sommellier and wine journalist|

''The phrase 'wine is history' comes to my mind when a certain anecdote or referring to terroirs with unique characteristics. However, today it holds a different meaning for me, since I had the opportunity to [...]

Betsy Andrews

USA| Food, drink, travel, health and environment writer. Author of New Yersey and The Bottom|

''Grandes Pagos de España supports small estate wineries in their efforts to express the natural beauty of their terroir in their wines. And in wine, there is no higher calling than that.''  

Liora Levi

Norway| Sommellier and wine consultant TV in "God Morgen Norge‘‘ |

''I was very fortunate to visit with some of the members of Grandes Pagos de España in 2017 and have followed the wines available in the Norwegian market since. There is a great span of [...]

Jean Aubry

Canada| Columnist Le Devoir. Author of Guide Aubry |

''The extreme diversity of soils combined with a diversified palette of grape varieties, both indigenous and international, comprises, in the center, in the northwest, in the northeast as well as in the south, an updated [...]

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