This family-owned winery is the brainchild of actor, director and theatrical promoter Manuel Manzaneque. Having been awarded a prize for film interpretation and the National Theatre Award, he wanted to return to his roots and so he established this, his own winery. His aim is to create exclusive products of the highest quality, and after years of soil analysis, of climate and grape variety assessment, of studying his vineyards, he constructed the winery at Finca Elez. Located in El Bonillo, land of juniper, rosemary and thyme, with a privileged microclimate thanks to its altitude (1,080 meters above sea level) and a significant thermal diversity – over 20 degrees between day and night – during the ripening period, his carefully selected varieties reflect the best these extraordinary soils can convey to a wine. His ability to obtain personal and different wines has led to his winery being given Spain’s first winery-specific denomination of origin: D.O. Finca Elez, a locator exclusive to his vineyards and winery, an unprecedented event.

He is accompanied in this enterprise by his children: Manuel, head of production – an agricultural technician graduated in viticulture and oenologyyyyyyy from Agropolis Lycee of Montpellier, whose training has always been linked to the now called single vineyard wines (Dominio de ValdeChâteauuateau le Bon Pastou) – and daughter Sofia in management. The team seeks at all times to obtain the ultimate expression of terroir, based on a respect for the raw materials. As a consequence, the winery has received some leading international awards. A red wine was the sixth in the competition organized by the Weinwirtschaft magazine during the Interwein fair. This wine competed with over 100 Cabernets from around the world at this event. We have also been awarded three consecutive medals for Spain in the prestigious competition “Chardonnay of the World”.

Isabel de Farnesio, 2 local

28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

tel: 917153844 Fax:917155564