María del Yerro

Alonso del Yerro founder

María del Yerro, founder of of Viñedos Alonso del Yerro, in 2002, together with her husband, Javier Alonso.

A translator by profession and above all a lover of her family, she has dedicated herself body and soul to this project since its inception, cultivating values such as tradition, dedication and respect for the family and the terroir.

From the beginning, María has been responsible for the marketing and communication of the winery. Her charisma and passion for wine became the brand’s image, representing the values of the Alonso del Yerro family and the quality of its wines. Her ability to communicate with customers, collaborators and wine lovers contributed to strengthen the winery’s presence in the national and international market.

Javier and María were the perfect team to drive the growth and expansion of Viñedos Alonso del Yerro and now have the satisfaction of having the next generation, thanks to the incorporation of their son Miguel in 2011.

María del Yerro continues to lead with enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring that the family legacy and commitment to winemaking excellence remain firmly at the heart of the company. Her story is an inspiring example of how passion and family unity can shape a successful project in the world of wine.

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