Bibi García

Technical Manager on Cortijo los Aguilares

Bibi García studied Chemistry at the University of Seville with the idea of becoming perfumer, as was her dream since she was a child. After graduating, she fell in love with winemaking while visiting a winery in Jerez and decided to register at the Agronomy Engineering School of Madrid, from which she graduated with a Master Degree in Viticulture and Oenology.

After her first harvest with Fernando Remírex de Ganuza, she knew that winemaking was what she was really looking for. Throughout the first years of her career, Bibi worked in several wineries in Chile and Priorat, where she had the chance of meeting great people and of working with a wide range of grape varieties, getting an in-depth knowledge of different climates, soils and terroirs.

She joined Cortijo los Aguilares in 2007 as technical director. In the family-owned estate she oversees the entire process of wine production from the vines to the glass. Bibi aims at reflecting in the wines the unique terroir where the vines are carefully grown, with the clear goal of achieving excellence vintage after vintage.

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