Araceli & Javier Ribas

Winemakers at Bodega Ribas

The siblings Araceli and Javier have been managing together the winery since 2006, after completing their training as winemakers in prestigious wineries of Napa Valley, Argentina, France and New Zealand.

Javier Servera Ribas regarding the Mantonegro variety:

“I don´t trust anyone who doesn’t drink”.  – Humphrey Bogart

This phrase said by many, and attributed to Bogart, has been following me for over 20 years, when a journalist used it to title an interview done to my Aunt Joana Oliver (then co-owner along with my mother of Bodega Ribas).

The accuracy of this statement was the equivalent of a sentence that left a mark on me and inspired me to try to get rid of any subterfuge that could nurture distrust (if you do not drink it will not be because of a lack of quality).

Too much time hearing voices having no faith on the quality on the Mantonegro variety, doubting about its capacity to hold a complete and complex wine, particularly when it comes from Mallorca’s oldest vines.

Thus, after some personal failures and many foreign ones, we are presenting a wine that in our opinion does justice and ennobles our native variety. And, finally it allows the enjoyment of its singularity without any complements to disguise it.

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