Adam Lechmere

Adam Lechmere (United Kingdom)

Wine columnist for Food & Travel, writer for Decanter, World of Fine Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Harpers and Meinigers

''GPE's unique selling proposition is simple: it exists to celebrate terroir and the primacy of site. It's both an ancient and a very modern idea, and one that any righteous winemaker regards as key to everything he or she does. GPE is a fascinating, complex and dynamic operation. It has a member in every part of Spain, which is reason enough to celebrate it - GPE is in part responsible for opening people's eyes to the wonders of the Levante, Andalucia, DO Madrid, and other unsung corners of this great country. GPE members are brilliant and/or eccentric, and they make wonderful and interesting wine; no serious follower of Spanish wine would miss one of their tastings.''

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