Palacio Quemado

Palacio Quemado

The exceptional nature of the Extremadura Alentejana

Address: Ctra. Almendralejo – Palomas, Km. 13,9 - 06840, Alange (Badajoz)

Telephone: +34 924 120 082



Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 09:00 am – 2:00 pm. Sat-Sun: Visit upon request

Palacio Quemado

Palacio Quemado is a unique pago located in Alange, Extremadura; a faithful reflection of the vine-growing in the Extremadura Alentejana region, wine maker of the ‘’Vinos de la Raya’’. The Alvear and Losada family -owners of this winery- make ‘parcel’ wines, reflecting heir soils and vineyards, and made from native varieties grown in a sustainable way. Coming to Palacio Quemado you will enjoy a walk through our vineyards and will get to know our wines on the very land where they are born. Definitely, you will discover the true heart of Palacio Quemado.





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