Finca Valpiedra

Finca Valpiedra

Término el Montecillo, s/n
26360, Fuenmayor (acceso por Cenicero) La Rioja

Tel. (+34) 941 450 876

Familia Martínez Bujanda is one of the historic wine making families in Rioja. Our great grandfather, Joaquin, wine grower, founded the winery in 1889 and since then we are also wine makers. The wine is born on the vine and growing our vineyards makes us responsible from the beginning to the end of our different elaborations in Rioja, Rueda and La Mancha.

For generations, we have explored the best plots and concentrated the vineyards in estates with their own identity, from which we produce wines with the personality of the countryside and with the concept that Familia Martínez Bujanda transmits to their elaborations: elegant, subtle and fresh wines, that last beyond the trends, and that aspire to get the very best from our different terrors.

Familia Martínez Bujanda believes in the daily efforts and dedication, which explains today, that the fourth and fifth generations continue at the front of a more than 125 year project. An effort that, year after year, we demand from our vineyards; some of which are planted in extreme growing areas, in hard and stony soils where plants have to work every vintage to offer the best fruit with the identity of each landscape from which they are a part of.

Because, for us, nature prescribes what the vineyards require and if we have learned anything during these more than 125 years, it is to take care of them, to pamper them, for this is the main guarantee of the future of our vineyards, thus for Familia Martínez Bujanda.

The Finca Valpiedra is situated in the best area of DOCa. Rioja, in a spectacular meander of the Ebro River. In the heart of La Rioja Alta, between the historic towns of Cenicero and Fuenmayor. Cenicero is the town in Rioja Alta with the largest vineyard surface and since Middle Age has been dedicated almost exclusively to vine growing.

Only 25 km from Logroño and Haro, and 12 km from Laguardia, medieval village of great beauty.

La Rioja offers many leisure alternatives around wine, gastronomy, culture and landscape.

The Winery

Finca Valpiedra is the prime example of the entrepreneurial spirit of family Martínez Bujanda. Opened in 1999, it is the only winery in Rioja that belongs to Grandes Pagos de España.

Finca Valpiedra follows the classic Bordeaux style, with a single vineyard and two singular wines elaborated exclusively with grapes of the Estate: Finca Valpiedra, their main reference, and Cantos de Valpiedra, both identified with the stony soil typical of the estate that conditions, together with its own microclimate combine to profile these wines

The Vineyards

Finca Valpiedra stands out not only for its extraordinary beauty but, above all, for the quality of the grapes grown here and it is this combination that makes it a privileged place.
The exceptional qualities of this 80 hectare single vineyard stem from the unique microclimate which engulfs this vineyard whose geology is composed of layers of limestone pebbles and stones. These stones play a key role in wine quality as they act as a natural filter that provides the vines access to an ideal, pure water supply, as well as warmth and reflected light.

The soil of stones, common in big vineyard areas of the Rhone, is not very usual in Rioja and gives an unmistakable personality to our wines, with a mineral character, balsamic and structure, but always with the characteristic elegance of the best Riojas and Familia Martínez Bujanda wines.


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