Bodega Numanthia

Bodega Numanthia

C/ Real s/n
49882, Valdefinjas (Zamora)

Tel. (+34) 980 699 147

Founded in 1998, Bodega Numanthia, located in Valdefinjas, Castile and León, in the Northwest of Spain, is a veritable emblem of the Toro region wines. Bodega Numanthia is living tribute to the fearless warriors of Numancia in Spain, whose inhabitants heroically resisted the Roman army for 20 years in 134 B.C. and finally preferred to sacrifice their lives rather than surrender. This resilience is also found in the Toro wines in a region with longstanding traditions in winemaking and viticulture. These vineyards were planted by pioneer families centuries ago, back in roman times and since then, they have shown resilience surviving the phylloxera plague during the XIXth century and the extreme climate conditions typical of the region year after year. During the Middle ages, Toro wines were also the first in the world to travel to the Americas, carried on Christopher Columbus’ ships in 1492.

The Winery

Located in Valdefinjas (Zamora), in the Northwest of Spain, Numanthia is a living tribute to the ancient city of Numancia, whose inhabitants chose death over the face of Roman invasion.

Visiting Numanthia will offer you the chance to discover unique wines within the Toro region, with its special terroir and its native grape variety ‘Tinta de Toro’.

The Vineyards

Numanthia vineyards have shown throughout the years the same resilience and tenacity: they have been able to resist the time passing, the extreme climate conditions but above all the Phylloxera plague which wiped out almost every vineyard in Europe in the 19th century.


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