Finca Montepedroso

Finca Montepedroso

Camino de La Morejona, s/n
47490, Rueda – Valladolid

Tel. 983 868 977

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Finca Montepedroso continues the philosophy that defines the rest of Familia Martínez Bujanda wineries: own vineyards located in privileged enclaves and a careful elaboration. All this as an essential origin to achieve excellence and personality in its wines. Finca Montepedroso has established itself as one of the great Estates in Spain, based on the meticulous work in the vineyard, the care of the environment and the philosophy of respect for the character of the wines that are obtained in the winery.

The Winery

The winery is the work of the 3.14 (Gestión y Desarrollo) architects’ studio which presents it as “a contemporary project, made of concrete, glass and brick, classic materials in Rueda and perfectly integrated with the natural environment”. A low and transparent building located on the plateau, with a practically zero environmental footprint, where, in addition to being avant-garde, the environment is respected by using solar energy and the recovery of rainwater to meet the needs of the production pavilion.

The Vineyards

Finca Montepedroso is a terroir with its own personality. It represents the best of the Rueda Denomination of Origin. A 25 Ha. Estate of vineyards located at 750 m of altitude in the depression formed by the Duero river.

In the Estate, we find three types of soil. On the one hand, alluvial soil made up of cliffs, on the plain of the plateau and which accounts for almost three quarters of the surface of the vineyard. Clay soil in the creek, with a slope of 10%, where the oldest vineyards are planted; and a soil with a large quantity of silt and clay sediments, also in a ravine and with slopes of up to 20%.

Finca Montepedroso es un terruño con personalidad propia. Representa lo mejor de la Denominación de Origen Rueda. Una finca de 25 ha. de viñedos, localizados a 750 m de
altitud en la depresión que forma el río Duero.

Dentro de la finca, encontramos tres tipos de suelo. Por un lado, suelo de aluvial compuesto por cantillos, en la planicie de la meseta, y que supone casi tres cuartos de la superficie del pago; suelo arcilloso en barranco, con una pendiente del 10% donde se hincan los viñedos más antiguos; y un suelo con gran cantidad de sedimentos de limo y arcilla, también en barranco y con pendientes de hasta el 20%.


The municipality of Rueda is nestled between two hills bathed by the Zapardiel river. Its name is linked to the wine and there were vineyards in the town with the Verdejo variety, as a characteristic native grape capable of resisting cold and drought, since Roman times. Rueda has been declared a Monumental and Historic-Artistic Site of Spain and a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC).

Barely half an hour away from the winery we can find the only nature reserve in the province of Valladolid, ‘Las Riberas de Castronuño’. A privileged place that allows us to enjoy nature through environmental activities in a sustainable and respectful way.

The rich natural environment also allows you to enjoy equestrian and hiking routes.

Between the areas of La Nava and Rueda we also find areas of great interest for bird watching.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Martínez Bujanda family has spent decades defining its clear commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. The company proposes a resource management model focused on contributing to protect the ecosystem. CSR is part of the strategic DNA of Familia Martínez Bujanda.


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