Viñas del Vero is more than a winery, it is a philosophy. Each bottle carries the imprint of an enthusiastic, dynamic and innovative team that has since 1986 enjoyed looking after every last detail involved in top quality wine production. At Viñas del Vero we discovered a genuine treasure just as the twentieth century reached its final months. It was then that we found, hidden deep within Somontano and scattered on the slopes of the Secastilla Valley, a unique, almost secret enclave of century-old Garnacha vines.

Secastilla, from the Latin Septcastelum, is a contraction derived from the seven castles that in ages past dominated the entire territory and defended it from Muslim invasions. The location is special thanks to its climate, altitude, its orientation and the protection provided by its unique, fractured geography and soils. These are rocky, airy hillsides located 700 meters above sea level where the vines have found a perfect habitat whose peace is broken only by birdsong.

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