Finca Moncloa is located in the province of Cádiz in an area known by the older locals as ‘the land of the vineyards of Arcos’. The first records of production of red wine in the area date from the 14th Century and continue until the 17th Century.
Finca Moncloa is fruit of the interest of the González family in the world of quality wine. Already in 1972 they had began experiments with white and red varieties in the Andalusia región. Finca Moncloa, restoring forgotten traditions; firstly recuperating the nearly forgotten native variety Tintilla de Rota and secondly producing excellent quality red wine in the south of Spain once again as had been done many centuries ago.
Vineyards and varieties:
We have 42 hectares of vineyard planted in Finca Moncloa. All possible measures are taken to ensure the maximum quality of the grapes; drip irrigation when necessary, canopy management and cluster pruning to regulate bunch number and size, hand-harvesting and careful grape selection in the vineyard to ensure only the best quality grapes are used. The objective being to obtain the optimum maturity and quality of each variety with intense concentration, complex aromas and the tannins necessary for ageing. The soil, of levels between 90 and 160m above sea level, is clay-lime making the vineyard perfect for the production of high quality grapes. The climate is mild with moderate rainfall. Average temperaturas range from 26ºC in August to 11ºC in January. In Finca Moncloa the vines receive the best personalised attention so as to bring out the very best in quality, flavours and aromas in the resulting wine. Ultimate care is taken over this small parcel of land where the vineyard is King.


José Manuel Pinedo: ‘From the outset Finca Moncloa was about the terroir. We wanted the wines to represent the characteristics of the región. We knoew our wines had to be site specific and vinified in small batches if we were to produce high quality red wines. We are now seeing the fruits of our labour and we believe we are on the right track’.

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