“I know a place with a river and a Roman bridge, with the fragrance of fresh grass, wild flowers and an Atlantic breeze. A place where the hills are filled with light and fields yield grapes. A magical setting for watercolour painters and wine lovers where a great white wine is born near a meandering bend on the Minho River, with Portugal just on the far bank. This wine collects international awards and captivates all who taste it. If magical Celtic witches (known as Meigas) exist, then they surely roam around this spot. This is Fillaboa.” So the saying goes.

The Fillaboa estate, which in the northwestern Galician language means “good daughter,” is the largest winemaking farm featured in the land register of Pontevedra and one of the oldest in Galicia. Its 70 hectares of vineyards are divided into 11 plots, each cultivated individually to get the best quality fruit leading for these wines, which have become a reference of Rías Baixas inside and outside our borders.

Salvaterra del Miño
36459 Pontevedra
T: +34 986658132 Fax: 9866664212