El Cortijo Los Aguilares is set at 900 m above sea level. It spans 800 hectares, just 18 of which are home to the vineyard. The rest of the land mainly consists of grove and brush, where Iberian pigs are raised. Its altitude, together with its unparalleled location, surrounded by the Grazalema and Las Nieves mountains, endow Los Aguilares with a very special microclimate. It’s no coincidence, then, that this country estate’s origins date back to Arabic Spain; those who worked the land back then were already primarily dedicated to harvesting grapes, olives and cereals. After conducting some research studies and analysis of the soils, three plots of land were considered the best suited for the the vineyard. The soil is mainly clay and pebbles abound. This helps the grapes grow comfortably, even in the driest months, because the soil acts as a sponge, retaining the humidity left by ample spring rainfall. A wide range of varieties were planted in 1999: Tempranillo, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir grapes thrive here thanks to the vineyard’s altitude, which allows us to produce a notable single variety.

Grape harvest is exclusively done by hand, picking up the grapes in boxes, with a limited load of fifteen kgs, caring for the vineyard at this crucial time. Then the fruits are kept in a low-temperature fridge (three degrees Celsius). After that, they are taken onto a selection table, where our expert harvesters select only the best clusters.
At El Cortijo Los Aguilares we only work with grapes from our own vineyards. They were planted in palissage, with a density of 5,000 grapevines per hectare.
The vineyard operates on the principles of Integrated Production, a system that minimizes treatments and works in harmony with the environment, avoiding the use of herbicides and other plant protectors. We are currently working on getting the Bio Producer Certificate.
We employ the most advanced technology while never forgetting our commitment to tradition, with the aim of naturally developing products that best express the unique characteristics of the land on which our vines grow. We estimate to produce around 5,000 kgs per hectare the most, a very limited harvest with the aim to acquire quality over quantity.

Ctra. Ronda a Campillos,
Puente de la Ventilla
29400 Ronda
Tel: 952 874 457
Web: www.cortijolosaguilares.com