The Abadía Retuerta winery is located on the banks of the Duero River in an area that produces Spain’s most prestigious wines. Our outstanding wines are the result of excellent maturity obtained from a unique terroir which is influenced by the extreme climatic conditions typical of this valley. The winery is dominated by an impressive 12th century Abbey which houses one of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants in the world: Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine.


The vineyard is situated on the left bank of the River Duero. Its surface is divided into 54 plots classified primarily by terroir and variety planted.

Technical direction at the winery is under the supervision of Angel Anocibar, Ph.D. in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux. Work procedures are marked out by our consultant, Delbeck Pascal, the French winemaker who designed the Abadía Retuerta winery. Built in 1996, it is a stunning combination of tradition and modernity, and is recognized as one of the most advanced wineries in Europe. We use gravity to move wine during the production process. This is the gentlest way to handle wine, and it enables us to treat it in the most natural way possible while we vinify grapes from each vineyard separately so as to retain all possible terroir influences.

Ctra. Nacional 122, Km. 332,5
47340 Sardón de Duero, Valladolid
T: +34 983680314 F: +34 983680286