In 1999 Mariano Garcia and Javier Zaccagnini decided to combine their professional experience and start a wine project in the prestigious northern wine region of Ribera del Duero.
Aalto has 42 hectares in different municipalities of this denominated region, all planted with highly selected clones that are among some of the oldest in Ribera del Duero. We also have agreements with local growers, proprietors of excellent vineyards in seven sub-areas of the region, which account for another 60 hectares of old vines that are cultivated under our direct, year-round technical supervision.
The grapes are all hand harvested into small boxes and taken immediately to the winery, where they are placed in cold storage prior to manual, bunch-by-bunch inspection at our selection tables. Each vineyard batch is separated into its unique tank for vinification, a differentiation that is maintained into the subsequent oak ageing period.
Our barrels are mostly French oak, although we do use some American oak. Approximately 50 percent of our barrels are new, although we retain some barrels for up to two years.
At Aalto each vintage receives the oak ageing that is deemed necessary to imbue it with the characteristics that match the distinct qualities of each annual crop.
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