Mas Doix is a family winery well known for producing wines that reflect the characteristics of our vineyards. We produce wines that convey the inherent values of our distinctive terroir of Priorat, a wine that is true to its environment, soil, slope, microclimate and native varieties. We produce a great wine for ageing, exclusive, with a strong personality and from a very limited production. It is made to be shared with enthusiasts who understand and have the same passion: wine that is really worth talking about. Our steeply sloped vineyard is made from crushed slate soils of the ‘licorella’ type. Our vines are between 70 and 110 years of age, guaranteeing small but excellent bunches which are our raw material. The passion and perseverance of our family for the last 100 years has made possible the preservation of vineyards which today are the main guarantee of our quality. The Doix-Llagostera family is committed to producing wines that stand out for their elegance, balance and structure.

c/Carme, 115
43376, Poboleda, Tarragona.
T: +34 639356172 F: +34 8911778