With the incorporation of San Román wines, MAURO in 1997 expanded its activities into the exceptional region of Toro. In the municipalities of Villaester and San Román de Hornija we own various distinct vineyard plots which reach a total area of 60 hectares which are planted mostly with the local Tinta de Toro variety.

Our wines exhibit the characteristics typical of a region that experiences extreme continental climate, minimal levels of rainfall, abundant sunshine and strong day-night temperature contrasts. The soils are of a loose, stony or sandy consistency, depending on the area, with clay subsoils. The average age of our vines is 35 years, with low plant density determined due to the scarcity of water.
San Román wines are deep and minerally, combining power with elegance. They are meant to develop in bottle and our stabilization processes have been minimized to treat grape and terroir influences with a a maximum of respect.

Ctra. Nacional 122 km. 412 Villaster
47112 Pedrosa del Rey, Valladolid.
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