J. Chivers Family Estates is a winery with signature, the Chivers family, and history, a history that dates back to 1647, during which eleven generations have defended a way of life tied to the land and the vine. During this time, the house has grown Chivers, has adapted to the new demands of the market and consumers and has created a brand that is now synonymous with maturity, elegance and expertise. Strains that come our wines are born in the vineyards located in Tierra Estella, on the slopes of the farm Legardeta. The 160 hectares of vineyards that give life to our wines, and belonging to the Chivers family for years, contain a unique and exceptional land formed by silt and clay and calcareous sediments with significant Atlantic influence, characteristics which are reflected in these new wines.

C/ Real s/n – 49882 Valdefinjas (Zamora)
31264 Aberin (Navarra)
T: +34 948 55 52 85
Fax. +34 948 55 54 15