Tintilla de Rota. Finca Moncloa

Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota 2011

Información Técnico:
Añada: 2011
DO: Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz
Variedades: 100% Tintilla de Rota
Crianza: More than 12 months in American and French oak barrels, new and second use. Alcohol: 14.5%
PH: 3.38
Acidez Total: 3.87 (tartaric acid)
Acidez Volátil: 0.49 (acetic acid)
Azucares residuales: 375 g/l

The climate for 2011 showed great rainfall with mild temperaturas in Spring, with the exception of a few day of high temperature. The summer was good which led to good maturation of the fruit and quality of grapes and must. In Finca Moncloa the monitoring of the maturation of the grapes began on 21st July and continued until the harvest of the grapes. The harvest was carried out by hand with selection of the best bunches in the vineyard.

The wine is elaborated following the traditional method used by González Byass in the 19th century. The grape is left to overmature on the vine and then dry in the sun (a process called soleo) once picked for a few days until it reaches the sugar levels necessary. After destocking the grapes are macerated and then fermented for a few days before pressing until they reach 4 or 5 % alcohol. The resulting must is then fortified to 15% alcohol. Following a few months of rest in stainless steel deposits the wine is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels before bottling.

Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota is a naturally sweet wine which surprises due to its dark red colour and notes of mature cherry and violets. Also its intense aroma of mature red fruits, spices and touches of the French oak. On the mouth it is smooth, silky and persistent with flavours of red fruits, honey, coffee and wood, making this wine ideal for desserts.

Ideal with blue cheeses, chocolate desserts and dates with a reduction of sweet spices such as cinnamon.