Set in a 17th century mansion, Mauro has been characterized since its inception in 1978 by making high quality, limited production wines with a capacity to improve with bottle age. These wines reflect the identity of their terroir, the pure characteristics of their component varieties: Tinto Fino and Syrah, as well as the personality of their producer.
At Mauro we allow the wine be the real arbiter of how long it should age in oak, based on how it interprets terroir, varieties, grape selection and vintage characteristics.
Our philosophy is to create balanced, opulent, elegant and sensual wines.
The winery has 55 ha of vineyards in several locations around Tudela de Duero. The climate is continental, with some Mediterranean influences. Average rainfall does not exceed 425 litres per square meter per year and our vineyards experience strong day-night temperature contrasts, especially in August and September.

c/ Cervantes 12
47320, Tudela del Duero, Valladolid
T: (+34)983521972 / (+34)983521439