Valdespino is one of the oldest wineries of Jerez, with archives relating how it did its first business in 1430. By 1875 it had become an important corporation. Eight years later, in 1883, it was granted a Royal Charter to supply the Royal Family. Bodegas Valdespino is, by its history, tradition and quality, a leader in making sherries that are characteristic thanks to our traditional winemaking processes. Our wines are fermented in old 500 litre oak casks instead of the stainless steel which is commonly used nowadays. These are set up as 10 “criaderas” and one solera, all under traditional “flor” biological ageing. The end product of this system is a Fino boasting an average age of 10 years.

All the grapes come from the Valdespino Macharnudo Alto vineyard, located about 5 miles northwest of Jerez in the centre of the region, an area recognized as being among the most special in Jerez Superior. Macharnudo is situated at about 135 meters above sea level, facing southeast. It stands out for the uniqueness of it white “albariza” soils, the very archetype of the Denomination of Origin of Jerez. It is a limestone terrain of organic origin.

Thanks to its high calcium carbonate content, the clay texture of these soils does not crack or break open. These soils are soft when wet but they harden to solid clods when dry. In the rain they absorbs moisture like a sponge. When dried out because of the high temperatures they form a layer which strongly limits evaporation. These soils act as a reserve of moisture which contributes to the development of vine roots which search subsoils for nourishment and moisture to a depth of more than four meters.

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