Summer holidays encourage us to rest and enjoy the leisure time we lack during the rest of the year. Anything better than a good book? We have created a list so you can immerse in any of the exciting stories of these seven novels about wine.

The Winemaker, by Noah Gordon

An essential reading, this book by Noah Gordon tells the story of Josep, a winemaker who migrated to France for his problems with the authorities after the Carlist War, in the late 19th Century. There, he will discover the art of vine growing thanks to a local vintner. Since then, his life will change drastically and will discover love, political intrigue and hard work; these experiences and his early vocation will decide his fate.

384 pages

Two September Days, by José Manuel Caballero Bonald

With the 1961 “Premio Biblioteca Breve” Award, we present you a story in different levels about the enthusiastic life in the grape harvest days in an aristocratic, small Andalusian town. The novel will bring you to Jerez in the 60s to go into the daily life, the hierarchical relationships of that time and the wine, through dialogues and long descriptions.

384 pages

A Vineyard in Tuscany, by Ferenc Máté

A kind, entertaining tale of how two New York dreamers struggle to elaborate from scratch one of the best wines in the world in the idyllic Tuscany. Have you ever imagined a paradisiacal life in Tuscany? Nowadays, the author lives in Tuscany, where he owns a winery.

312 pages

Saint Pétrus et le saigneur (Deadly Tasting), by Jean Pierre Alaux and Nöel Balen

An old man is found murdered with twelve wine glasses, of which only one is full. The oenologist Benjamin Cooker, with his assistant Virgilie, discovers that the wine is a Petrus from the early 40s. More victims appear, and Cooker´s assistant discover a dark past common to the victims, related to their collaboration with the Nazi occupation. They will have to investigate the relation between the Petrus and such a collaboration.

152 pages

Wine and War, by Don & Petie Kladstrup

This book tells the interesting story about how the French did everything to save their great wines from the Nazis; how the brave, intelligent French winemakers protected and saved the most characteristic French product from the German plunder during WWII.

336 pages

Les Ignorants (The Initiates), by Étienne Davodeau

The French author, a comics artist who is ignorant about wine, asked Richard Leroy, his vintner friend, to explain him how wine is made; in exchange, Étienne would introduce Richard in the world of comics. This graphic novel was born thanks to this teamwork. It deals with those persons with little or no knowledge of a certain subject, but are able to look on the bright side, because such ignorance encourages them to attain a goal.

276 pages

Noces d’or à Yquem (Golden Wedding in Yquem), by Jean Pierre Alaux and Nöel Balen

Another part of the “Blood of the Vine” saga. Benjamin Cooker, an experimented oenologist, investigates the murder of the Lacombes, a married couple who worked a lifetime in the grape harvest at the famous Yquem Castle (Château d’Yquem), where a delicious Premier Cru Superior white wine is made.

167 pages

logo grandes pagos spainDo you know any additional novels? Tell us! We´ll be glad to read it and post it.