1. What is a Pago?

Pago is a Spanish word for a single vineyard whose characteristics set it apart from others in the same area. These differences can be due to factors such as soil structure, geographic orientation or specific vine clones cultivated there. The result of these special characteristics confer upon these singular vineyards an exceptional fruit quality.

2. Legal definition of Pago in Spain

Spanish law defines several levels of wine quality such as table wine, wine denominated as vino de la tierra, wine with a denomination of origin (D.O.) and Vino de Pago or single vineyard estate. This final category is legally regulated as follows:
Criteria: `Pago´ is a plot of land or rural location with its own mineral soil and microclimate properties which distinguish it from others in the area. Wines from such single vineyards will be made and bottled by those with ownership title of vineyards located in the plot, or under special circumstances, in wineries situated within close proximity to that location. All the grapes used to make this wine must come from the specific plot and this wine must be stored and, if oak aged, so treated separately from other wines in such premises. Pago single vineyard wines must be made employing an integral quality system which should be applied from grape production through to selling the product. ]]>

3. Are the wines of GPE `pago´ wines?

Some are, those that comply with the criteria described in question 2. However, all our wines adhere to the same philosophy of singular vineyards of the highest quality. Our wines are made to faithfully express the vineyards from which they were harvested, a task completed with passion and loving care.]]>

4. Are wines containing `Pago de …´ from GPE

No, not necessarily. Many Spanish wines bear those words on their labels and some trademarks come from a time before the creation of the current legislation defining `pagos´ Consequently, some of those wines do not fall within the legal definition of pago.

5. Prerequisites to belong to GPE

The GPE Association contains various requisites in its statutes which include that the wine must come from an exceptional single vineyard, that its winery should have attained a demonstrable fame with at least five years of recognised prestige in the marketplace and high marks in national and international competitions. The winery must pass a meticulous inspection by a technical auditing committee, and its wines must surpass the quality requirements set at a vertical tasting to be conducted by the general assembly of our Association.