Grandes Pagos de España (GPE) is an association of Spanish wine producers dedicated to upholding and promoting very high quality single estate wine and all that is entailed in its production. Our wines faithfully reflect the soils, subsoils and climate from which they hail, each offering an unmistakable personality that can only be drawn from a specific terroir.Spain´s best vineyards have historically always played a leading role in the country´s wine culture. One clear example can be seen in the centuries-old appreciation shown for the best plots in Jerez, in southwest Spain. However, with the onset of the 19th century a great industrialization of wineries took place throughout the country. This led to dramatically high production levels often achieved using bought-in grapes from numerous sources. This process made cheap wine accessible to many but it also had a negative effect on the ultimate quality of wines. From the year 2000 onward, a group of single vineyard estate producers, each carefully crafting wines from their own grapes which had been cultivated in single vineyard plots from the central regions of Castile, agreed to band together to found Grandes Pagos de Castilla. Their aim was to highlight the unique personality of wines made from the best vineyards and to promote the culture of single vineyard estates. This non-profit organization became Grandes Pagos de España in 2003, with the aim of expanding this unique approach to winemaking and oenological understanding.